Owner of Dublin Village Jewelers

Dublin Village Jewelers is owned and operated by three generations of the Verbitsky family: Annie & Yury, their eldest son Alex, and Yury’s mother Galina. The Verbitskys are longtime Dublin residents and business owners.

Dublin Village Jewelers fulfills their dream of working together and owning a local business, which allows them to both serve and support their community.

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Local businesses offer exceptional value for higher-quality products and a personal customer service experience. When you shop at Dublin Village Jewelers, you will always enjoy a low-pressure and fun shopping experience. We want to be your jeweler for life, not just for a single purchase, so we take the time to really listen and get to know you.


Dublin Village Jewelers Story

The money you spend stays and is reused in your local economy; and doesn’t get shipped off to a corporate account. Your support is an investment in the health of your community, and we appreciate you!

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