Getting engaged is one of life's most important moments!

We believe that the process of choosing your engagement ring should be a special experience as well. At Dublin Village Jewelers, you can expect a fun and pressure-free experience where you are treated like family every step of the way.

We have personally selected our large inventory of engagement rings in a wide variety of styles. We are happy to accommodate your requests for a variety of materials including white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we offer full custom services. We also work with all gemstones including natural diamonds, laboratory-created diamonds, black diamonds, moissanite, and other gemstones such as sapphires and rubies.

Bridal At Dublin Village Jewelers

Getting Started?

Simply come by our store and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. You can make an appointment beforehand or just stop in at your convenience. Additionally, if you'd like to get things started virtually, you can call, email, or even text us.

Wedding Bands

Finally, when the time comes for wedding bands, we have a great selection to offer! Most of our engagement rings have matching wedding bands; however, you can also change things up with one of our unique band offerings. You could even have us make a custom band for you. For the men, we have a fully customizable line of wedding bands that can be made with every material from gold and platinum to alternative metals like cobalt, titanium, black zirconium or Damascus steel. Or you could choose a ring made from wood, mother of pearl, meteorite or dinosaur bone. Trust us, you'll want to see these in person!

Click on the image below to view some of our best selling Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.

Please visit our store and check out our entire bridal selection.


That's okay! Part of our bridal process includes giving you a quick and easy crash course on diamonds and engagement rings in general. We want you to feel confident and educated about the products you are spending your hard-earned money on.
Yes. We sell lab grown diamonds of all shapes and sizes.
Yes. We offer financing plans through Synchrony.
We don't believe in any “one size fits all” rule when it comes to engagement ring budgets. We will gladly work to help you achieve whatever price point is comfortable for you.
In-stock rings can be finished in less than a week if you need a rush. Special order and custom designs take, on average, 3-6 weeks. Keep in mind that there are times when it may take up to 8 weeks to complete your ring, so we recommend leaving yourself 8-9 weeks before your target proposal date to make sure everything is ready on time.
Yes. If you have a diamond or other gemstone that you'd like set into a ring, we can certainly use it.
That's okay! We have customers all over the country. Our team is prepared to assist you virtually with the whole process. Just reach out and we will help you get things started.
Yes, we can create a 100% custom made piece of jewelry for you.
Yes. All our gemstones are sourced according to the strictest ethical standards in the industry. We participate in the Kimberly Process an international certification program which aims to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds, while helping to protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds.