Here at DVJ, we do a lot of custom work and we take pride in making the process both easy and fun for our customers!
If you’re thinking about having some custom work done you’re in the right place!

~ We can make custom bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings. We can craft in 14k white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as 18k and platinum. We can source and provide any type of natural or lab grown gemstone including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and more!
~ Yes! We know jewelry is sentimental so we can try to work with any diamonds or gemstones that you have. We can also work with existing pieces of jewelry to modify or update them to match your current style.
~ The design process is part of the fun! If you have a specific design in mind we can work to make it exactly to your specifications. If you only have a few general ideas of what you want we can help you develop them into an exact design. Not sure where to start? No problem! Even if you don’t have any specific design ideas in mind we can help!
Step 1 (Initial design):
- To begin, we work with you to develop the initial design. We can use your images or sketches or we can help you to create a design from scratch.
Step 2 (Initial quote):
- We will provide you with a rough estimate based on the initial design.
Step 3 (CAD deposit):
- Once the initial quote is approved we will then collect a $300 non-refundable CAD fee. If you decide to proceed this fee will be applied to your total. If you cancel the design, the fee will not be refunded. After paying this fee we will create CAD images of the design for you. From there you can request changes to the design until it is perfect (up to 5 rounds of changes per project). Once the design is to your satisfaction we will provide you with the final cost of the project.
Step 4 (Payment):
- We require custom projects to be paid in full before we move to final production. At this stage we would collect the balance (less the $300 CAD fee) of the total cost of the project.
Step 5 (Final production):
- At this stage you can sit back and relax! Our skilled team will now turn your dream design into reality.
Referencing the steps above:
Step 1 (Initial design):
- It will depend on how much of the design you already have in mind. If you know exactly what you want then this is easy and we go straight to step 2. If you need help coming up with a design then step 1 will take as long as you need to happily develop a design with us.
Step 2 (Initial quote):
- Typically it takes 2-3 business days from initial design approval.
Step 3 (CAD):
- Typically it takes 3-6 business days from the time the CAD deposit is paid. Each additional round of changes typically takes 3-6 business days.
Step 4 (Payment):
- Once the design is approved, step 5 (final production) can begin as soon as the balance is paid.
Step 5 (Final production):
- Typically it takes around 3-4 weeks from the time payment is received.

On average the entire process from start to finish typically takes 4-6 weeks, with some jobs taking at most 8 weeks. As a note, we do have the ability to do a rush job in less time, but the timeline varies based on the specifics of each custom job.
If you need a custom project rushed please reach out so we can discuss.