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Cobalt Chrome with Polish , Polish Finish


9 mm wide/High Bevel/Cobalt Chrome band featuring inlays of Dinosaur Bone Black and Meteorite.

Zirconium with Polish , Polish Finish


8 mm wide/Beveled/Zirconium band featuring inlays of Meteorite and 14K Yellow Gold.

Meteorite with None Finish and Forged Carbon Fiber


8 mm wide Beveled Meteorite band featuring a Forged Carbon Fiber sleeve.

Zirconium with Polish Finish and Meteorite Inlay


8 mm wide/Domed/Zirconium band with one 5 mm Centered inlay of Meteorite.

Cobalt Chrome with Polish Finish and Meteorite Inlay


7 mm wide/Flat/Cobalt Chrome band with one 4 mm Centered inlay of Meteorite